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RAF Specials RAF Squadrons

Produced by Key Publishing with exclusive access to the Royal Air Force, Royal Air Force Squadrons is a 132-page officially endorsed special magazine telling the story behind today’s flying squadrons.


Operational Capabilities
Describing the equipment and roles that each squadron performs in the modern Royal Air Force

Special Schemes
With many squadrons marking their centenaries and other anniversaries, Royal Air Force Squadrons collects together a spectacular cavalcade of photography

Combat Power
All of 1 Group’s Tornado, Typhoon and reconnaissance squadrons described in detail

Squadron history
Archive photography from the Air Historical Branch helps reveal the incredible history and heritage of the world’s oldest flying squadrons

and much more!



Key Specials Hastings 1066 - The Battle and Invasion that Changed History

The Battle of Hastings and the subsequent Norman Conquest was arguably the most significant event not just in English history, but that of the world. The unified nation that eventually emerged from the Conquest grew in strength and self-belief as it too conquered other territories and peoples, ultimately creating the largest empire ever seen. This 100-page special examines why the Normans invaded in 1066, how they defeated the Saxons at Hastings and then completed their Conquest of the country. This fascinating story is brought to life in a rich assortment of unique illustrations.

Features include:

The Men from the North
The Viking invasions of Britain and Western Europe.

Swords Around the Throne
The reign of Edward the Confessor and the rival factions for the English throne.

First Blood
The Vikings land in the north of England, only to be crushed by England’s new King Harold at Stamford Bridge.

The Battle of Hastings
William of Normandy arrives near Hastings, Harold rushes to meet the invaders. In a prolonged and desperate battle, Harold is killed and the Saxons routed.

Dividing the Spoils
William takes London, and is crowned King. He parcels out the country to his supporters.

The oppressive rule of the Normans compels the English to rise up and rebel.

William stamps out all opposition, wiping out large parts of the rebellious north of England, until the whole country is finally conquered.

PLUS: An examination of the weapons and tactics of the rival armies, careful examination of the Hastings battlefield, blow-by-blow account of the battle, questioning how much we really know about the events of 950 years ago, and much, much more.